Markets Around the World: A Photo Essay

Local produce markets are a practically a destination of their own. They are a window into the traditions, foods and lives of everyday people around the world.

It’s hard to resist the fresh greens piled high…neat rows of the season’s best apples, apricots and pomegranates…or a riot of cherries spilling from their baskets.

Many of our cooking classes start at the market, choosing ingredients for our evening meal. There’s always something to discover–an exotic new fruit, a pungent spice, hot-hotter-hottest chilies.

Markets are where you can find the freshest of the fresh, from octopus glistening with sea water to bread still warm from the oven…

…to flowers for a temple offering or cheerful bouquet.

My favorite part is watching families prepare food for themselves and others who are working the market’s long hours. Steam rises from bubbling stockpots and sizzling saucepans as fresh ingredients are transformed into the simple, hearty tastes of home.

Markets are the place where you’ll find the best flavors the country, city or village has to offer.

They are the inspiration for good times shared around the table with family and friends.

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